Monday, 20 January 2014

OSM Being: 56

I am currently sitting letting my new skin dry out.
I am surrounded by my birthday booty.
01) a Jonthan Meades DVD collection.
02) an elaborate clamp system that will allow me to mount my iPad on a microphone stand.
03) a pair of Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses.
04) a shaker I can attach to my finger thus adding a percussive element to my ukuplaying.
05) 5 pairs of black socks decorated with a swallow motif.
06) several large bars of chocolate (that are getting smaller as I type).
In a thrilling fun packed day I've been attempting to understand several knotty staff wages problems, delivered a vacuum cleaner motor to a less than grateful cleaning crew, and visited my dentist for a check-up.
I'm going to spend the early part of the evening unravelling the knotty staff wages problems with the equally knotty Night Shift Supervisor at the college campus.
I look like this:
I can tell that's not a real smile.
Watch this space.


Banished To A Pompous Land said...

A slightly belated Happy B'Day. Hope that the regeneration went well and that you are now settling into your new incarnation as Nick Lowe.

Ivy Arch said...

And another belated Happy Birthday coming in from somewhere near a dragon's knuckerhole in the depths of East Worthing. I will toast you at the next Wukulele jam! Perhaps a Nick Lowe song would be appropriate too?

saradwyn3 said...

Ooo you look respectable!

And how'd you sneak another birthday past? Happy Happy.