Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wukulele Jam (boree).

On 21st. of September 2009 I was cycling to Brighton as part of my preparation for riding the New Forest 'Gridiron' event:
Adventures In Modern Cycling No. 8: Brighton.

I wasn't very complimentary about Worthing.
From a cycling point of view it was the worst section of the ride.

I remember passing the Worthing Rowing Club and hearing the sound of massed ukuleles hammering out a tune and thought to myself "must get my old ukulele out and give it a strum sometime".

The world turns, water flows under bridges, moons wax and wane.
I don't suppose I need to tell anyone that I am now a fanatical ukulele jamster and that Wukulele is my ukulele spiritual home.

All this is just to draw attention to the revamp of the Wukulele website which is now a thing of beauty:

I basically hijacked last Sunday's jam and selfishly used it as my 55th birthday party.


Le Sanglier said...

Yay OSM for hijacking himself a jamboree for his birthday! And yay! for those little things we notice that lead us to our soul's true home.

The Booth said...

Wukulele - any excuse for a party!