Wednesday, 23 January 2013

There Are Limits y'Know.

I'm not a selfish person.
I know how to share my things with other people.

This is a bridge to far:

That's MY Ivy Arch Cushion ! !

You watch, she'll be wanting to wear my cape next.


Le Sanglier said...

Relationships are full of Stormy Waters To Be Negotiated In Inadequate Boatage. But fear not, brave OSM, becuase it makes you feel Noble and Full Of Purpose when you and your little boat prevail. I would hide my cape if I were you. Unless my daughter wanted to bribe me for it. Then I would wear it flauntingly with panache and aplomb in order to raise the bribe price. Am I actually talking about something or just channeling some ancient jinn that is in love with the ticky tick sound the keyboard makes when I type? Do you see how AWESOME I am getting at using my broken caps key?