Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Rountuit: 01: Trellis.

A couple of weeks ago a windy wind blew down the homemade trellis that held the climbing rose up against the side of the house.:
Old Trellis
Scene of recent trellis disaster
I've been waiting for delivery of an appropriate Rountuit so I can complete the task of completion like so:
New Trellis
Hmmm, sexy new replacement trellis.
New Trellis with Roses
Sexy new trellis with climbing rose attached.
Sadly the rose was at it's best about a week ago.


Orlando said...

Oh, how many jobs remain unfinished or unstarted for the want of that vital component, the 'Round Toit'. I have looked in Screwfix, Maplin, DIY stores large and small, but no one stocks this essential item.

That's the patter of a real gardener: "You should have seen it a couple of weeks ago when it was at its best".