Friday, 6 July 2012

Red Bike.

Having typed my fingers to a standstill I wanted to get into a bit of practical work.
A friend had been asked to take an old bicycle to the tip so, of course, she brought it straight round to me.
Although recently I've been shedding as many of my possessions as I can (still an on-going project BTW) I'll always take in an abandoned bicycle.

The bike is an el-cheapo mountain bike 'style' model probably from a supermarket.
10 speed, one-piece-crank, chrome rims.
The previous owner had fitted a Specialzed titanium bottle cage which probably cost more than the bicycle.

I stripped it to it's underwear:
It took me about 20 minutes to remove all the components and  3 hours to remove all the decals.

After rummaging about in what's left of my bicycle bits box I came up with this:
All it needs now is a chain, a pair of pedals and some handlebar grips then I'll have a sexy cruiser to ride up and down the promenade.