Sunday, 3 August 2014

'We go to the gallery' Dung Beetle reading scheme 1a.

Pages of Miriam Elia's Ladybird reader spoof have been floating around the interwebs for a few months. I first saw them on Tumblr, where I seem to see lots of things that Linda draws my attention to 6 months later when the same thing turns up on FaceCloth.
I was more interested than is usually the case with things I see on Tumblr because, in it's original print run, the book was a complete mock-up of a Ladybird reader right down to the logo. Humour + Nostalgia opens wallets. (I'm working myself up into posting a rant about how nostalgia is probably a bad thing for society in general and another about my unrestrained loathing of stand-up comedians.)
The saga of Miriam Elia's 'journey' (I've come to loathe that word) in producing this wonderful book is chronicled here:
Artist's spoof Ladybird book provokes wrath of Penguin
My post-wallet opening journey begins here:
I've never really struggled with 'conceptual' art since a person, now long gone, told me 'Airfix kits are what you make them'. I realised this concept could be applied to most aspects of my daily life and have applied it ruthlessly ever since. I now disregard the artist's intention or interpretation and construct my own, however misguided that may be.
Anyway, basically (I loathe that word as well) the plot is Mummy takes Susan and John to a gallery and attempts to explain the concepts behind the works.
Buy the book because it's a hoot.


Le Sanglier said...

Hi. Great video! Summer is amazing. So are non sequiturs. And hoes. Not 'hos. I definitely mean hoes. The garden tool. So that is not a non sequitur because summer and gardening go together. Yay me.

Did you notice there is an ad choice in the "prove you're not a robot" space? Spooky. Who would click on that? Are there ppl who actually LIKE ads? Maybe. What do I know. I am tattered.

I don't get the photo sphere thing. Do you? I mean, of course one assumes that robots can't see those words, but I mean other that THAT, I don't get it.