Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Voodoo Doll.

I have no idea what possessed me to make a small stuffed person.

I need a pattern.

'Can't you just draw one?'

Yes, I could draw one, but I want it to look recognisably humanoid.

If you were to type 'small stuffed person' into your interositor viewing screen the consequence may be having your name added to a list.

I found the shape I was looking for under 'Voodoo Doll':

I printed it on to card, picked up the scissors, stuck my tongue through my thined out lips, and cut it out.

On my return from A&E...

I decided that a sort of banket stitch might do the trick... whatever 'blanket stitch' might be.

I have a vague idea that 'blanket stitch' maybe related to blankets and spend sometime examining all the blankets we possess.

My findings were inconclusive.

I consulted the interwebs, studied various confusing diagrams, and decided I had reached the confidence level required to attempt 'blanket stitch', or some variant thereof

I pined the two halves together - actually I did this before I cut my tongue out - and set about 'blanket stitching'.

I've, up till now, sewed and then unpicked it 4 bloody times now.

To be cont. as sone as I get 'blanket stitch' together a little better than is currently the cas.



Le Sanglier said...

How is the blanket stitch coming along? I would have used a running stitch, leaving a gap to turn it outside in, stuffed it and then closed the gap with an invisible stitch. BUT... I think it will look charmingly rustic with a blanket stitch. You will show us your finished doll, right? Did you sew the heart on before you stitched the two halves together? I like sewing, can you tell? Did you get someone's hair or fingernail clippings to put inside it? Joo joo!

Outa-Spaceman said...

I seem to have mastered my variant on blanket stitch, but decided, as you point out, that a running stitch maybe a better option.

I'm not actually trying to make a 'Voodoo Doll', just a little person, though stuffing it with various nail parings appeals to me for reason.

I'll be back on to it this week and will post the result later this week.