Monday, 16 June 2014

The Flying Aspidistras on the road to Hove, actually...

Due to work commitments The Flying Aspidistras have managed about 3 face to face rehearsals this year.

We are booked to open the ukulele stage at Hove's Paddle Round the Pier.
It's a couple of weeks away.

I went last year and was surprised at the size of the event.
I thought it would be something akin to a village fete.
It felt more like I imagine a large rock festival would be like.

The Wukulele Jam have been 'camping out' at a Worthing pub while the usual HQ gets an interior face-lift.
As a goodbye and thanks to our temporary home the jam agreed to perform an entertainment for the  delight for all present.  (if any)

We thought this would give us the perfect opportunity to road-test The Flying Aspidistras set.
Much of the set has never been played to an audience larger than a sleeping cat.

Here we go...

I'll probably be posting most of the set over the next few days..
If only to allow you to watch, what appears to be the third member, of our duo to become more of a celebrity than he already undoubtedly is.

Stay tuned.


Ivy Arch said...

Marvellous tune and performance! May I suggest that you give your 'Bez' some maracas or at least let him play the spoons?

Outa-Spaceman said...

Thank you for your comments!
I hope your community event went as 'swimingly' well as ours.

I feel that enforcing a role on our companion may dilute his enigmatic presence.

Ivy Arch said...

I shall be disappointed if he doesn't sit to your left at ALL of your forthcoming gigs.

Worthing Community Play was a riot, thanks! Now we have to do it all again on 21st and 28th June...