Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Management Today! : errr... Now What?

I've had a great holiday.

I seem to have forgotten the recent past.

The txt/img postings were to record ideas that seemed important at the time and will become more interesting as time goes on.

I was Illprepared for the work I agreed to carry out. I went in like an idiot. I glad-handed everyone. I gave people my contact details.....

Really, really, really... errr, misguided strategy as it turns out.

They know where to find me...

Toward the end of my tenure, every time my mobile phone rang, or pinged I began to feel Ill.

My 'strategy', in the beginning, was to head straight for the darkest corner of the contract. I found it in the agricultural college:

'Bout sums it up.

Anyway, enough of all that, it's all in the past!

I am sat with my director in her office. 'So boss, what y'got?'.

'Mobile Supervisor'

I sort of had an idea this might be the offer. The surprise was where the position became available from. The guy who signed me up last October. He leaves on Friday.

I have about 3 days to get his job understood.

On a lighter note...

My pay remains the same.... hang on, that means I was doing a contract manager role on a mobile supervisor rate.

That stings a bit.