Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Condition: Belated 1st. Anniversary Post.

Last Sunday I was merrily twanging away at the Wukulele Festive Ho-Ha, thinking that the 1st anniversary of my MS diagnosis was on the 17th (today in fact).
If I'd known it was actually the 15th (Wukulele day) I'd have enjoyed the jam even more than I did.

I feel lucky, really lucky.

The intervening year has been one of great personal change.
I won't go into tedious detail, but even changes that seemed disastrous at first have turned out to be a blessings in disguise.

So, how am I?

My lower legs are permanently slightly numb and 'fizzy'.
The cramp problem that plagued my waking has abated somewhat, but has found new places to appear, like my elbows.
My hands still cramp up regularly, thankfully playing the ukulele seems to relive it so I'm not sure it's MS related.
My hands seem to have developed an intermittent involuntary spasm.
It think it's similar to what golfers call 'yips'.
It's only a problem if I happen to have a hot drink in my hand, or when I'm at a critical point in an Airfix construction.
I've also noticed a gradual physical 'slowing-down'.
It's not as tangible as a fatigue episode, it's more feeling like I need bit of a sit down.
I don't get out of breath or anything, I just sort of run out of steam.

The more I tippy-tap-tap the more I realise that, for the moment, MS is really not such a big deal.
The only thing worth recording is...

Casual acquaintances, whom I don't see on a regular basis, all comment on how much weight I've lost since they last saw me.
I don't think Linda has noticed, but she has to look at me on a daily basis so she wouldn't necessarily be aware of my not taking up as much space as I used to.

Something a little more serious...

During interview, I neglected to mention my condition to my new employers, I thought it might jepodise my prospects.
This was fine while I was a rank and file cleaner, but I got promoted.

If I wanted to put a comedy spin on my dilemma I'd point out the application form asked if I had any serious medical conditions.
I ticked 'No'. 
I think MS is hilarious (with a hint of irony).

I think I'll keep my secret to myself.

Back to the jam...

Here's a picture of, although they probably don't know it, 3 people that have made a huge happy difference to my life.

Thanks chums!
Here's to being able to take a follow up shot next year.


The Booth said...

Three cheers for mutual huge and happy differences! xxx

Ivy Arch said...

I think I've got something in my eye.