Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Condition: 1 Year On

It was one year ago today I noticed something was wrong with the sight in my left eye.

I've had two major fatigue episodes that lasted around 6 to 8 weeks each.
I worked through both of them.

I've dropped nearly 2 stone in weight.
This means my ribs have reappeared and all my clothes seem to belong to some fat bloke.
I haven't 'dieted' as such, I'm just not very hungry nowadays.
The weight loss has made me feel, well, lighter.

I'm woken every morning by a weird cramp in my lower legs that makes my toes fold back on themselves into a vertical position.
It would be hilarious if it wasn't so painful.

Weird cramp isn't confined to my feet and lower legs.
The muscles in my hands lock up on a regular basis, though this might be down to excessive uke strumming.

Restless legs are a constant, though this annoyance can be combated with a 'herbal' remedy the consequences (giggling) are far to socially debilitating to consider using it on a regular basis.

Non of the phenomena have caused me to consult either the MS nurse or the Doctor.
On the whole any physical manifestations have been an inconvenience rather than a problem.

I still haven't had my blood tested.
I've cancelled my appointment at the Disease Modification Therpy clinic.

I'm not so much running scared of the NHS, but determined to deal with MS in my way which might not necessarily be congruent with any health professionals suggested course of action.

When I visited the MS Action Group meeting most of the other attendees were on the DMT programme and, on questioning, all said DMT had reduced their relapses by 80%.
I've seen this 80% figure quoted in other places (the inter-web).
Statistically I don't believe this figure can be correct for everyone on DMT.

(Strokes chin in skeptical fashion.)

I ride my bicycle every day, I walk whenever I get the opportunity, and only use Linda's car when the distance is over about 15 miles.
In general terms I'm fit and healthy.
To look at me no one would suspect I have MS.

I'm aware the favorable situation I find myself in could change over-night.

Must admit this 'living for the day' is getting a bit hollow recently and I've turned my mind a future again.
I have a plan I'm going to put into action after my visit to the heart of dark... Sorry, Nidderdale next week.

In the meantime, here's a recent 'selfie':

Do I look like someone with a serious condition?


Colin said...

“Do I look like someone with a serious condition?”
Yes, OSM, that condition is called LIFE.
I wish you every joy of it.

Outa-Spaceman said...

"So far, so good!"

Paul Newman.