Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Harriet B. & OSM's Evil Jazz Plans and Stuff.

I was attending the Uke @ the Duke jam.
I was stood with Harriet B. (Jam leader of Wukulele) sharing her song book as I'm to tight to print my own copy out.
Lawrie the U@D Jam leader announced, unilaterally as far as I could tell, that there was to be a Ukulele Festival in the pub in September.
During the beer break he approached Harriet B. and asked if she would perform at the festival.
Harriet B. seemed, or at least looked, unsure about the prospect so, in a fit of patriarchal  phallocentricity, I offered to help her prepare something.

We've worked up a 3 song set:

  1. Puttin' on the Ritz
  2. Rum and Coke Cola
  3. There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
We've managed to get one 'proper' face-to-face rehearsal the rest of the time exchanging ideas via the electric-interwebs.

To test the act we grabbed the first floor-spot at last Saturday's Evershed Arts Folk Club, engaged Independent Film Maker Ned Ouwell, and did our most complicated (and shortest) song:
I feel, kazoo angle not withstanding, that went quite well.

Some top whistling and Bones playing from Mr. Dolittle BTW.


Ivy Arch said...

Bravo! You both sound great. Love the whistling accompaniment too.

Outa-Spaceman said...

How's your tap-dancing?

Le Sanglier said...

Um. It is early here and this is rather long but my feelings tell me I must attempt to communicate the chicken associations activated by this blog post.

(1) I would like to hear the song Nobody Here but Us Chickens.

(2) Becuase I did not know it was a song.

(3) But I have been saying that all my life followed by expert chicken clucking impersonations.

(4) It always cracked up my kids when they were little and I ADORED making them howl with laughter.

(5) At the store many deliveries come in thru the red door. Sometimes it is locked and the delivery person will bang on it. If I am standing there I always try to duck the delivery by shouting thru the locked door "NOBODY HERE BUT US CHICKENS BROCK BROCK BROCK!!"

(6) It never works.

(7) Thank you for listening and now maybe you see why I need to hear that song.