Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Condition: Ukulele Jazz Indicator Movie.

Having heard every kind of music ever made ever I have become 'interested' in Jazz.

I watched a couple of Ukulele Mike's YouTube videos.

The chord sequence I'm about to play in this video is:

F - C dim7 - Gm7 - C13
F - C dim7 - Gm7 - C
Gm7- Gm7b5 - F M7- D dim7
Gm7 - C13 - F
C#7 - C7 - F
I've practiced it a good deal and, under normal circumstances, am quite proficient, being able to play it at quite a high tempo.
It does, however, reward playing at a moderate pace.

This video was filmed at what I have determined was the 'high-spot' of the fatigue episode:
The ukulele weighs about 3 tons.
Moving my arm to strum feels like tying to wave in treacle.
It took all my concentration to fret the chords.
I don't usually 'twitch' that much.
I'm playing as fast as I can.

Once I'm sure this 'episode' is over, I'll record the same tune again as a comparison piece.

That should be interesting...