Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Banana 45

I'm worried about this banana.

It's been in the same position for 3 days (it's a little bit browner now).

I can't bananas.
That is, I can eat bananas, but my body rejects them alarmingly quickly via the same route as they when in.

Doesn't really matter as I'd have been reluctant to eat this particular banana anyway.

Who placed this banana here?
Did someone drop it, then another someone pick it up and place it in its current position,

I may never know.

Truly the world is filled with mystery.


Glyn said...


La Jolie Guirlande said...

Perhaps you've inspired a 'banana project' Mr David. What a shame they didn't go for choccie bickies!!

Banished To A Pompous Land said...

Don't start me on biccies! You know a packet of imported Mcvities Chocolate Homewheat is over $5.00 here! Thats just preying upon the addicted. And a can of Vimto is $1.35. God only knows what Lucozade would be if you could get it at all.

Le Sanglier said...

Mcvities? I am in charge of them at the store! How exciting is THAT??!!

Outa-Spaceman said...

The Inexplicable World of OutaSpaceMan bringing biscuit (cookie) lovers from around the globe together...

The banana has disappeared BTW.

Le Sanglier said...

If you miss the banana terribly much then come to the store. We have LOTS of bananas -- brown ones, black rotten ones, speckledy perfect ones, green ones. Everything except the green ones are free. Free bananas taste extra specially good.

I have to find out about this Vimto and Lucozade. Maybe it is something new of which I could be in charge at the store! Did you know I am in charge of the Twinings? I just had a major Twinings Reorganization on Thursday this week. I am SO proud.