Tuesday, 3 January 2017


The Xmas hooha is ended for another year.
Time to get 'stuff' organised.👍

Managed to get out of bed by midday.
Feel being dead might be a better option.
I am a mixture of furious anger, depression, and pain.
I have received a reminder that I'm expected to attend a level crossing awareness course as part of my punishment for driving over Ford level crossing when the lights were on red.
I dash a snotty email off to the organisers - the AA - informing them I'm currently in MS relapse, asking about access arrangements, and an enquirery about evacuation procedures for me in the event of an emergency.
After getting myself washed and dressed I head for Bognor railway station to try and find out if Southern Rail will be running on Thursday during this period of industrial dispute.
No one seems to know.
I make a plan to walk to Brighton to attend the course and then cause as much trouble and disruption for the organisers as I can when I get there.
I could do with a laugh.