Sunday, 14 September 2014

Toward a 'Pop' Gun Effect.

I've become interested in what would, many years ago, have been described as 'contraption' devices. Sound makers included in the early drum or 'trap' kits.

I already own several of these instruments. Duck call, siren whistle, cuckoo whistle, ratchet, wash-board, a temple block, and various other hilarious novelty sound makers.

I wanted something that went 'POP!'

A professional orchestral 'Champagne-Popper' would cost around £130. I'm mad, but I'm not that mad.

Having thought about the subject for a couple of days I realised an old bicycle-pump with a cork stuck in the end would probably do the trick.

Down the market I bought a pump for 0.99p:

I sawed the end off:

I stuck a cork in it:


It needs a better fitting cork with a restraining string fitted so I don't spend inordinate amounts of time retrieving the cork from under various items of furniture.





Le Sanglier said...

I need more pop whoosh in my life, I think.