Sunday, 2 February 2014

Just A Little Taste... Oh, Go On, Pleazzzzze..

It's nasty attack of bicycles time.

I don't have the time to take on building from scratch as all my current bikes need attention so I'm pretty well occupied.

I found a child's cycle abandoned in a ditch. It followed me home, honest... officer.

  • It's rubbish.
  • The frame is made from oversized tubes and weighs a ton.
  • The components are poor quality.
  • It has a cheapo one-piece, or Ashtabula, crank set.
  • The brakes are a comedic optional extra.
  • The tyres would be of more use on a tractor.
  • I've revised my opinion, it's compleat rubbish.

It's from the Halfords 'Apollo' range, Black & Yellow livery, named 'Stinger' and the parent that purchased it certainly got stung.

I've stripped it down:

I ordered a more appropriate set of tyres, that turn out to be the same size as those found on the modern push-chair or 'stroller'.

I could'da purchased some fetching grey tyres produced exclusively f'wheel-chairs.

If'n I wo'mental enough to cough up £28 on'em.



Banished To A Pompous Land said...

"If'n I wo'mental enough to cough up £28 on'em"
There is something about spending money that does still bring out the Tyke in one isnt there?