Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Last Week I Couldn't Spell 'Service Contract Manager'. Now I Are One!

Life is a curios and bewildering goings on, well mine is.
Towards the end of October, pre-holiday, I received a phone call from Mr. B. Would I like a cleaning job, 30 hour week contract? This call came as a 3 year project crashed into the barriers so, on my return from holiday, with my bank account empty, I said yes.
I rang my prospective employers to enquire about a position with the company. The call went surprisingly well. Almost as the handset hit the cradle a van drew up outside and in a whirlwind interviewing and form filling I found myself being taken to Crawley, given a uniform, a mobile phone, a van, a hearty handshake, and sent off to do 2 hours steam cleaning.
What joy, what rapture.
Since then I've had some never less than interesting cleaning experiences. I'd go into them, but if you're not into cleaning things like I'm into cleaning things it may seem dull.
The company's strap-line is 'Cleaning with a conscience'. Which basically means having to use 'environmentally sound' cleaning products. All well and good, but...
FML it's hard work. As for the 30 hour week, no.
Including journey time to Crawley, something close to 15 hours per day.
I love it.
Two weeks ago, whilst vacuuming somewhere in Crawley, I received a call from a company director. Now what with the vacuum running, a slightly blocked ear, my tinnitus, and my unfortunate habit of saying 'yes' to anything I found I'd accepted the post of Contract Service Manager for a college in a nearby town.
I am to take over from the current encumbant whilst he has a hip replaced.
The college has sites across a 35 mile area, cleaned on a daily basis by a team of around 40 people, which I'm going to be responsible for.
This is going to be fun...