Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bee Dilemma.

Sat at home yesterday I became aware of a large, buzzing insect-being's futile attempts to smash it's way through the double-glazing to freedom.
At first I'd assumed it to be a bluebottle and, because I associate bluebottles with some of the more unpleasant things in life, was unsympathetic to it's plight.
I opened a window close to where it was bouncing about and left it at that.

This morning, as the sun filled the flat, the buzzing started up again.
I realised I'd have to intervene.
On locating the prisoner I found it was a bee:
Bee (not to scale)
This causes a few problems.
If it had been a bluebottle I wouldn't have had any qualms about capturing it in my flying insect-being beaker, trapping it in the beaker with a postcard depicting John Martin's 'The Great Day of His Wrath', and releasing it back into the wild.
A bee is a different matter.

Today is one of those bright, cold winter days, if I caught the bee and put it outside the cold will undoubtedly kill it or, at least incapacitate it to the point where it may become vulnerable to attack by birds.

Once again my grannie's wisdom comes back to haunt me "y'can't d'right, fer doing wrong".

I wonder what bees eat?


saradwyn3 said...

See if you can shoo him towards the internet, he can hang out here

(very bottom of the page)

dobson said...

Locate her colony and return her to her sisters!

Worker bees are female, right?

OutaSpaceMan said...

I didn't want to say anything but, you're right of course.

Glyn said...

I've been sent from Hooting Yard to name your bee. (I love these missions.)

She is Doth the Little Bee.

Ian russell said...

The name I propose is Dai Stinging (it's probably a mining bee, see).