Tuesday, 28 December 2010

My 'Track Of The Week' : "I Can't Control Myself: (As Performed By Pascal Comelade).

Many thanks to Mr. Frank Key of Hooting Yard for bringing this to my attention and for publishing the book 'Impugned By A Peasant' that has held me spellbound for several days.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy What Ever You Celebrate At This Time Of Year!

Poppy the kitten enjoyed watching the fairy having a tree shoved up her arse.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Happy New Year.

Happy new year indeed.
I decided to spend New Year's Day in the garden with my friends.
Oh yes...
  Finger Rhumba by Outa_Spaceman

Saturday, 18 December 2010

My 'Track Of The Week' : Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 11 "Alla Turca" (As Performed By Eiko Sudou At The Toy Piano).

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Fun With Cardboard.

A cardboard hand:
A new sign:

How To Do A Silly Thing No 01: Madonna's Hand.

I have collected quite a few odds and ends in my charity-shop-wheelie-bin-diving.
And I do mean 'odds' and 'ends'.
Very rarely do I end up with a complete set of anything.

Today I found a plastic imitation severed forearm/ hand that pulled several odds and ends into a whole new odd end.
I added a black lace glove, two rings and a plastic spiked bracelet.
I have decided to call this creation 'The Hand Of Madonna' (circ 1984)

I found a suitable town centre spot...
..where I 'dropped' the counterfeit limb.
Hee, hee! I love doing stupid stuff then running away!!!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

My 'Track Of The Week' : El Paso (as Performed by Lolita).


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Get Thee Behind Me Satan.

It may be noticed that I haven't been posting much to my blog recently.
The reason?
I've stopped smoking.

I've been an on/off smoker most of my life.
Periods of desolute self indulgence tempered by periods of sickening self-righteous abstinence.

I didn't suddenly decide that I must stop smoking.
It, sort of, happened by accident.

I had a dental appointment and not wishing to offend my (attractive) dentist with ash-tray breath I slapped a nicotine patch on.
After my appointment I wondered how long I could go without a cigarette on one nicotine patch.
That was three weeks ago.

The only time I noticed being 'bothered' by not smoking was when I sat at my computer and every cell in my body shouted 'CIGARETTE!!'
So I've avoided using the computer for the last three weeks.

I hate to be smug but I didn't find stopping smoking particularly difficult.
Time will tell.

(Yes I have taken the nicotine patch off.)

Idiot Culture.

The way things connect in the world of the interweb fascinates me.
Some one in Seattle sees an image I made illustrating a posting on Hooting Yard:
Putty Putti
They contact me to ask if I'm will to allow it to be used for an album cover:
 I say 'yes',  some adjustments are made and voilĂ :

Here's the information about the album:

Please check out the band IDIOT CULTURE.  The band is led by guitarist Byron Duff.  Some of you may remember him from his days with The Spectarors, Dive or Moth.  He has a new album out on my 'dadastic! sounds' label.  Feel free to download and share the 'KINGPIN' from the album.
Byron is both an incredible musician and one of the nicest guys around.  He deserves some long-overdue recognition.
Here are some links:
Dadastic! Sounds (The record company)

I've heard some tracks from the album and, though not what I'd usually listen to nowadays, I quite like them.
Which is a bit of a bonus.
I wish you well Idiot Culture.